Zee Spencer

How Do You Find Mentors Outside Your Core Skills?

To ring in the new year, I want to expose some of my ignorance.

I'm a pretty sharp developer, I'm competent at experience and interaction design, and I'm reasonably good at running a business. Yet I'm not even nearing an expert in any of those things.

My strongest skills by far are in programming and my social circle attracts fellow programmers. I love these people. They're smart, talented, have broad sets of interests, and tongs of experience but they grow me more as a developer or engineer than as a designer or a businessman.

Deepening my programming skills can make it difficult to relate with people outside of that domain. I'm glad I chose to focus on programming for the past few years, but I want to shore up the skills I've been neglecting; which leads me to my question:

How do you find mentors outside of your core skill sets? How do you build relationships with people who have passions orthogonal to yours?

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