Zee Spencer

Keeping Space

While at Devbootcamp last week I was introduced to a new phrase by an instructor. I asked how intensely draining his job must be, and he remarked that his wife is amazingly good at "keeping space" for him. I didn't grasp what he meant, so I asked him to clarify.

"Keeping space," he said, "is when my wife gives me a safe haven to release the pent up emotions from spending all day investing myself in the students here."

"So it's like being an emotional anchor?" I asked.

"Not quite," he replied. "While it is about providing a ground for all that energy; It's also about providing a safe place for me to be broken; a place where even when I am at my worst she'll still accept me and care about me and not hold it against me."

Who in your life keeps space for you? Who do you keep space for? How do you practice it?

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