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Last year was fantastic. I started my own business, helped three startups get off the ground, learned a ton about working with distributed teams, and fell in love.

This year is even more exciting! I signed on with DevBootCamp where I'll help hundreds of people begin their programming journey! Talk about fun!

While I was initially leary of boot-camp style developer training DevBootCamp won me over. Not only do they teach practical programming skills they also teach:

  1. How to continue learning
  2. How to solve problems
  3. How to work as a team

DevBootCamp doesn't expect graduates to launch a startup or be a rails wizard at the end of their program. They make three promises:

  1. You'll know yourself enough to keep growing.
  2. You'll learn enough code to sweep the floor.
  3. You'll grow enough of a makers mindset to overcome difficult problems.

That's what makes a great beginner developer.

Not Rails. Not Node. Not Django. Not Spring.

Initiative, self-knowledge, humility, and enough experience to be useful.

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