Zee Spencer

Thank You Heather, Steve, and Corey

Recently I saw a few highly critical tweets go by my stream about a package written by Heather Arthur. They were by Corey Haines and Steve Klabnik, a couple of my friends.

Heather discovered the tweets and was justifiably hurt by them. Both Corey and Steve posted apologies; which Heather accepted.

Everyone handled this better than I could. Heather called out behavior that caused her pain. Steve and Corey acknowledged their hurtful behavior. Everyone was respectful, open, and honest.

I've been impressed by the communities response of support towards Heather.

Thank you Heather for setting an example to others to share when they're hurting. Thank you community, for supporting Heather's vulnerability. Thank you Steve and Corey for taking responsibility for your actions.

Ya'll make me happy to be a programmer.

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