Zee Spencer

The Chef's Tale

Once upon a time there was a Chef. This Chef was sought by all of the rulers in the land to cater their feasts. The Chef was ferried from castle to castle; delighting all for whom they cooked.

One day, a pair of scullery workers asked The Chef to tell them the secret. "My children," The Chef replied, "I have no secret. I wake up each day. I plan what I will make. I make it. I review how it went. I learn when things don't go well, and I learn when things do.

"But surely," one child contended, "surely your renowned and creative dishes must have a secret ingredient! Perhaps dust of a unicorn horn? Dragons blood? Fairy hair?"

"I do not! When I explore a dish, I make it many different ways. Sometimes I make it week upon week. I modify the ingredients. I alter timing. I change the cooking temperature. Each day I seek to understand the dish more deeply.

If I do not make a finished meal, I go hungry! If I ignore the process, I do not learn! There is no secret, only work and discipline."

As the children returned to their duties, one mocked The Chef. "The Chef wants all the fame and glory! They must be hiding a secret ingredient!"

"I don't know..." said the other. "Perhaps tomorrow I shall make my meal."

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