Zee Spencer

Two Lumps of Clay

Two lumps of clay were bought by a potter and set on her windowsill to soften in the sun. The first was terrified of being prodded, poked, and shaped. "I don't want any part of this!" He said, "I'm a good piece of clay! I don't want to be a pot!" and he hardened himself in the noon day sun.

His sister, however, was ecstatic. "I've always dreamed of being covered in patterns and holding flowers! This is the opportunity I was born for!" And as she spoke she softened in the suns rays.

When the potter returned she picked up both bricks of clay. She placed the brother on her wheel and attempted to form him, but he was too hard. No matter how she pushed and prodded he wouldn't form. Realizing that he would never make a good pat, she stamped a pattern on him and placed him as a centerpiece in one of her gardens.

The sister, however, was perfectly suited for the throwing wheel. She was quickly turned into a beautiful vase, painted with brilliant colors, and filled with beautiful flowers.

These two lumps of clay both had the same opportunities but different attitudes. Both found a place to fit their personalities and allowed them to shine. When we appreciate our differences we can find places for everyone to excel.

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